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Coaches Code of Behaviour

In addition to Nambour & Districts Netball Association (N&DNA) General Code of Behaviour, you must meet the following requirement with regard to your conduct during any activity held by or under the auspices of (N&DNA) and persons identified in the Member Protection Policy Clause 3 in your role as a Coach.


  • Act with integrity in performing all duties owed to athletes, the sport, other members of the coaching profession and the public.


  • Strive to be well prepared and up to date so that all duties in the respective discipline are fulfilled with competence.


  • Act in the best interest of the athlete’s development as a whole person.


  • Accept the spirit of the rules that define and govern the sport.


  • Accept the role of officials in providing judgement to ensure that competitions are conducted fairly.


  • Express to officials courtesy and support the principles of fair play.


  • Be a resource person able to assist the athlete develop his/her athletic potential and self-dependency.


  • Recognise individual differences in athletes and always think of the athlete’s long-term best interests.


  • Aim for excellence based upon realistic goals and the athlete’s growth and development needs.


  • Lead by example; teach and practice cooperation, self-discipline, respect for officials and opponents and proper attitudes in language, dress and deportment.


  • Make sport challenging and fun. Skills and techniques need not be learnt painfully. Be honest and consistent with athletes, they appreciate knowing where they stand.


  • Be prepared to interact with officials and parents; they too have important roles to play in sport.


  • Ensure that no harassment of any form exists in the sport environment.


  • Ensure that no discrimination of any form exists in the sport environment.


Netball is a simple, basic game. It’s about DOING THE SIMPLE THINGS WELL. 


As coaches you don’t need complicated activities if players can’t pass and catch well. Keep your mind open. Find new and better ways of doing the same things. Keep challenging your athletes and yourselves. 

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